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dunkle authentic turns 4

today marks 4 years since dunkle authentic was officially launched. if there was ever a time to share a cliché humble beginnings story...

this tale quietly begins with a notebook & a dream on a long-haul flight to Australia. it soon involved little packets of waxes & bottles of oils, delicately tucked into none-other-than a shoe box. after the third shoebox, it was time to call in THE environmental chemist Mr. John Dunkle (aka dad) & make the bold move to create a mobile lab. October 2014, I launched the lipstick line, which grew into glosses & foundations the following year.

3 redesigns & a studio space later, this brand happily welcomes growth & change.

THANK YOU to Mr. Andrew Stephenson for the unwavering support over the years, especially mid-dinner-light-bulb-ideas that demand immediate discussion, & the incredible website(s), design, & marketing advice. THANK YOU to the Dunkle Family for the ongoing love, brainstorming sessions, chemistry guidance, & straight-up “work hard” chats.

a brand is not a business without the support of it’s clients, THANK YOU for all of the kind words, the orders, & the countless reorders. I SO appreciate your trust & feel incredibly honoured to share my passion for makeup with you.

recently I stumbled across early documents from a previous business I started as a teenager. there were purchase orders from the first wholesale accounts that sold my handmade lip balms in 2004 & 2005. I felt surprised by the bravery a 15 year old had, pitching to boutiques to take a chance on a budding brand.

facing a familiar task in 2017, 1 of those first handwritten orders is proudly posted on the new studio wall as a gentle reminder of the dream I have had for many years. while we can discuss the upcoming lipstick edit & the 2018 skincare launch soon enough, for now... 

cheers to 4 years!

Molly x


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