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dunkle gals | Jennifer

what a pleasure to introduce the original dunkle gal, Jennifer Dunkle, for Oahu lipstick, batch 12. beautiful mamma, potter, therapist, & world traveller, it was a treat to have mom here in Australia for an extended visit recently, & naturally I insisted she be the face of the new coral shade.

Jennifer Dunkle wearing Oahu lipstick by dunkle authentic

growing up in a military family, mom has lived all over the world (& coincidentally gifted her love for travel on to me!). my favorite story she tells is back when she was living in Paris during her first year of college. apparently she had to stroll past the most scrumptious of patisseries en route to class every day, & by default, order a pain au chocolate each morning & afternoon.

“je voudrais un pain au chocolat, s’il vous plait.”

it’s without surprise then that my parents arrived in Australia for their recent trip via cruise ship from Hawaii (pausing in Bora Bora & New Zealand for good measure). they had a grand old time, first enjoying a week with family on Oahu where mom’s sister, my Aunty Leslie, lives. hence, the inspiration for the original 2014 lipstick shade that launched after a family trip sipping daiquiris together on Waikiki.

frangipanis in Brisbane, Australia

Oahu lipstick held by Jennifer Dunkle

the Oahu lipstick tone has since pivoted from the daiquiri pink to a sophisticated coral tone, nodding to the archive lip gloss shade of Bora Bora (cue visuals of hibiscus, guava, & frangipani). having just made her way through these Pacific islands (where some ironically also speak French), it was only fitting to have mom as the dunkle gal for Oahu, batch 12.

Jennifer Dunkle wearing Oahu lipstick by dunkle authentic

our shoot day started with makeup in New Farm & then we made our way to Choquette, our local French patisserie for, take a wild guess, pain au chocolat.

“bon jour, je voudrais un pain au chocolat pour ma mère, et un croissant aux amandes, s’il vous plait. merci beaucoup!”

we kept makeup simple & fresh, starting with a massage of face oil, then the no. 1 botanical balm foundation with no. 2 blended onto cheeks. mascara, light brow definition, & then Oahu lipstick on lips of course.

Jennifer Dunkle wearing Oahu lipstick by dunkle authentic

palm trees in Brisbane, Australia

a huge thank you to my beautiful mom for sharing her story & modelling the fresh coral tone. here she is. 

dunkle authentic is all about feel-good moments; tell us what you do to feel good.

I love feeling the sand beneath my feet during long walks at the beach, zipping down a ski slope, visiting historic houses, & the texture of clay as I get creative at the pottery wheel.  all activities where I can get into the “flow” of the moment & truly relax!   

describe your personal aesthetic & how you style Oahu lipstick.

red is my favourite color – I love pairing a red top &/or sweater with a cute khaki skirt or pants & my red Keen shoes, for example.  Oahu lipstick goes great with my red-based wardrobe, giving me a pop of colour for work & for play!

from manufacturing to farming, tell us about an ethical cause you admire. 

I have a soft spot for animals, & the ethical treatment of all animals (including farm animals) is something that I’m totally on board with.

travel is always a source of inspiration for dunkle authentic; tell us about your favourite recent trip or upcoming plans. 

a favourite recent trip was going from Honolulu (on Oahu, of course!) to Sydney via cruise ship.  it was an amazing experience being out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean traveling from Maui to Tahiti, & not seeing a ship, an airplane, or an island for 5 ½ days.  at one point our captain told us that there was almost 18,000 feet (5,486 meters) of ocean beneath us, deep enough for twelve Empire State Buildings on top of one another!

Jennifer Dunkle wearing Oahu lipstick by dunkle authentic

mamma, I love you & am so lucky to have a strong, supportive, & gorgeous mom like you.

Molly x 

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  • Your Mummas skin!!!! Swoon :-)


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