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dunkle gals | Kelsie

lovely friend, actress, & brand-new-blondie Kelsie McDonald is the dunkle gal for Montserrat, batch 19. we met back in 2014 & soon discovered our shared love for Katy Perry that sealed the friendship (yes, we adorned handcrafted glitter tees to KP’s Brisbane concert, & yes, I convinced the security guard to deliver a lipstick package to her backstage).

Kelsie McDonald wearing Montserrat lipstick

Kelsie McDonald wearing Montserrat lipstick by dunkle authentic

Kelsie is back in Brisbane after living & studying acting in London for the past 4 years. alongside her new role with Camilla, she has some exciting projects in the works that will no doubt whisk her away soon, so each catch up has been sweetly cherished. our chats always lean towards dreaming big & encouraging each other to take on that next challenge. I am inspired by her work ethic, openness to new experiences, & I am honoured to have her as a dunkle gal.

Kelsie McDonald wearing Montserrat lipstick by dunkle authentic close up

close up of Montserrat lipstick by dunkle authentic

shoot day started nice & early with makeup here in New Farm, then we made our way to the Powerhouse Performing Arts Venue, which seemed quite fitting for the performer herself. we had a ball shooting along the delicious industrial walls, as my brother would say, I do “love a good white wall”.

Kelsie McDonald wearing Montserrat lipstick at the Powerhouse, Brisbane

Kelsie McDonald at the Powerhouse, Brisbane wearing Montserrat lipstick by dunkle authentic

makeup-wise (to pair with the new blonde hair!), I prepped Kelsie’s skin with a massage of face oil to keep it nice & supple. I then blended in new botanical balm foundation in shade no. 2 with dabs of no. 3 on cheeks, forehead, & eyelids to bring a touch of warmth to the skin. a light wash of browns on the eyes, brows, & mascara, followed by Montserrat lipstick, naturally.

much to our delight, the nearby Proud Mary’s serves delicious coffee & nibbles where we indulged in multiple rounds, laughter, & chats following our shoot. Kelsie’s “I feel like I’m wearing a papaya on my lips!” comment sums up our day nicely.

hands holding Montserrat lipstick by dunkle authentic

a gorgeous thank you to Kelsie, & here she is.

dunkle authentic is all about feel-good moments; tell us what you do to feel good.
I feel the best when I nourish my body, be that with the food that I eat, the books that I read & the people that I surround myself with. there are many amazing adventures that I want to embark on & huge, mountainous goals that I've set myself of achieving & I've learnt that the kinder I treat myself, the closer I get to the dream- & whats more- I can relish every step of the journey, rather than focusing on the outcome, this makes me feel good. 

describe your personal aesthetic & how you style Montserrat lipstick.
hmmm, I think I'm quite theatrical...I guess that’s the actress in me. I love bold statements & risk taking, & I REALLY love fashion of the past. at the moment I'm OBSESSED with the 80's...literally....the only reason I don't have an afro perm is because my hairdresser refuses. I actually asked if it was appropriate to wear a leotard for this shoot... that's for real, you can ask Miss Dunkle herself ;)

from manufacturing to farming, tell us about an ethical cause you admire. 
I have recently started working for the incredible Australian fashion label 'Camilla' by the highly admirable Camilla Franks. obviously her label is absolutely gorgeous but what’s even more important is that I feel so proud to be working for a brand that is truly committed to ethically sourcing from the very beginning of her garment production right through to the end. even so much as creating 'The Butterfly Effect Program' & 'The Hunger Project' https://au.camilla.com/pages/the-hunger-project. I am very much inspired by her work, both creatively & worldly.

travel is always a source of inspiration for dunkle authentic; tell us about your favourite recent trip or upcoming plans. 
I've been a very lucky lady in terms of travel opportunities, but my most exciting recent trip was most certainly spending 6 months living like a local in Guadalajara, Mexico. Mexico has to be one of the greatest places on earth. the "my home is your home" mentality, the fiestas, the colours, the culture, the food....oh GOOD GOLLY the FOOD!! Day of the Dead has become my favourite celebration day, even more so than Christmas... & I blooming LOVE Christmas! it's the day that we celebrate & cherish those who have past, with fiestas, face painting & building shrines of all of our loved ones favourite things. every day in Mexico is cause for a celebration. I have never experienced a place that celebrates life like they do in this beautiful country, it taught me so much about the world & about myself.... & I cannot wait for our next rendezvous together! 

Kelsie McDonald wearing Montserrat lipstick while laughing

Kelsie McDonald dunkle gal for Montserrat, batch 19

Kelsie, thank you gal.

Molly x 

model | Kelsie McDonald
makeup & photography | Molly Dunkle 
outfit & jewellery | model’s own
location | Powerhouse, New Farm, QLD Australia

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