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dunkle gals | Tayo

an avid traveller, hard worker, & inspiring woman with a roaring laugh, it is a pleasure to introduce Tayo as the dunkle gal for Los Angeles, batch 01.

dunkle gal Tayo wearing Los Angeles lipstick by dunkle authentic

Tayo & I met some years ago at a rooftop cocktail bar when I outlandishly introduced myself & asked if I could match her skin tone for my foundation line. she kindly obliged to my random request, bless, & we have since become good friends. from photo shoots in rose gardens to sandy beaches to the new studio (YAY!) in California Lane, Tayo is a pleasure to work with & we always share a good laugh.

dunkle authentic studio in California Lane

no. 4 foundation by dunkle authentic

for this shoot, I prepped Tayo’s skin with a massage of face oil, then blended in the no. 4 foundation. I kept the brows clean & brushed up, then applied mascara to lashes for definition. we finished with Los Angeles lipstick on lips of course, & a hint on Tayo’s cheek bones as a natural blush.  

Los Angeles lipstick by dunkle authentic

dunkle gal Tayo wearing Los Angeles lipstick

dunkle gal Tayo wearing Los Angeles lipstick

a huge thank you to Tayo for the kindness & generosity over the years, & for saying “sure!” to that stranger with a big dream. here she is.

dunkle authentic is all about feel-good moments, tell us what you do to feel good.

I absolutely love yoga & pilates! I find that it instils a sense of calmness in me which I definitely need after my 9-5. I love being in touch with my breath & being present which makes me feel good & ready to tackle any challenge. 

aside from that, being surrounded with my beautiful family & friends around the world keeps me grounded & feeling good. 

describe your personal aesthetic & beauty style.

I would describe my style as a combination of Afrocentric & boho. I love to incorporate my culture into my fashion sense & feel relaxed at the same time. 

from manufacturing to farming, tell us about an ethical cause you admire. 

for me, environmental sustainability is something I am very passionate about. we are so lucky to have all of these natural resources available to us so we really should take more care of the beautiful gifts on this earth.  

travel is always a source of inspiration for dunkle authentic, tell us about your favourite recent trip. 

my most recent trip was over last Christmas & New Years where I travelled to the UAE, Ghana & Nigeria. I love trips where I get to experience others cultures as the world is full of rich cultures! I was able to embark on adventures I’ve never embarked on before & created memories with my family & friends that will last a lifetime! 

dunkle gal Tayo wearing Los Angeles lipstick

dunkle gal Tayo wearing Los Angeles lipstick laughing

that laugh though, thank you gal. 

Molly x 

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