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farm fresh olive oil from Macintyre Brook Grove

dunkle products made with olive oil from Macintyre Brook Grove

traceability of raw materials has long-been an important value for dunkle, it is a true delight to connect with & source from local Australian farmers. recently we took a trip out to Macintyre Brook Grove where we source olive oil for our lipsticks, face oil, & face balm. farmers Sam & Boaz (& sausage dog Basil) welcomed us with open arms & gave us the most beautiful afternoon tour of the groves.

property at Macintyre Brook Grove

located about 3.5 hours west of Brisbane, Macintyre Brook Grove is family owned & operated. they grow, harvest, & press their golden olive oil on site to create their signature lush, aromatic, & delicate oil loved by home cooks & chefs (& beauty manufacturers!) alike.

olive grove at Macintyre Brook Grove

Basil led the way along the groves, bustling between the trees & cows. Sam pointed out the different varieties of olives they grow & explained how the picking process works (essentially big tractors that shimmy the olives off their branches rather efficiently). she showed us where they will be pressing the 2021 crop shortly & where the bottling takes place. 

Basil dog at Macintyre Brook Grove

Molly and Sam on the farm at Macintyre Brook Grove

Molly Dunkle at Macintyre Brook Grove

the olives were plump & happy during our visit, many thanks to the heavy rains from the week prior (thankfully the flood waters were low enough for us to get through). we plucked some straight from the trees for a little taste - bitter of course prior to being processed - yet remarkable to taste the fruit that will eventually provide moisturising depth to our products. from sunshine to soil to plant to branch to olive to oil, it was a full sensory experience. 

dunkle face oil featuring olive oil from Macintyre Brook Grove

Molly Dunkle in olive grove at Macintyre Brook Grove

with olive branch souvenirs & full bottles of golden goodness in hand, we left as the cows were snacking on fresh shoots & the sun was setting over the grove. it was the perfect day, a reminder of how lucky & honoured I feel to do the work that I do & support local farmers along the way. much love to Sam, Boaz, & Basil, we look forward to visiting again soon.

Molly x

cows in the grove at Macintyre Brook Grove

Molly and Emily at Macintyre Brook Grove

shout out to long-time dunkle muse Emily for escorting 31 week bump & I out to the grove x 

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