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local pairings 2018

at the start of the year I made the nerve-wracking decision to simply offer two lipstick colours at a time. while it felt silly to put some of the favourites into hiding for part of the year, it made sense manufacturing-wise & my inner-minimalist jumped for joy. now I have settled into this rotation & feel excited to curate two shades each season; one bold, one subtle. one for feeling a little fancy, one for feeling more creative.

dunkle authentic old town fort collins

dunkle authentic lipstick

for this collection, the inspiration came from two places close to home. I was about to head over to the US & was excited to visit my hometown of Fort Collins, Colorado. in the same month, I was also celebrating being in Australia for six years.

Fort Collins.

for the OG d.a. lovers (much love!), one may recogonise Fort Collins as a combination of the original 970 FoCo & more recent tones to the liking of Bora Bora. a smooth light coral with a sunset warmth, pairs nicely with craft beer of course.

while in Fort Collins, my boyfriend Andrew & I had a wonderful morning strolling through Old Town, & to my delight, he took pictures to capture the essence of my relaxed, gorgeous, & fun-loving home. a big thank you to him.dunkle authentic old town fort collins

pink roses in Old Town Fort Collins

dunkle authentic Molly Dunkle in Old Town Fort Collins

dunkle authentic lipstick in Old Town Fort Collins


well the lucky girl that I am, I have had a second home for a long time now too. my family moved to Brisbane in 1998 for a few years (mom & dad wanted an adventure, because they are ‘cool, hip, and with it’) & I moved back here in 2012. while that is another story altogether, Brisbane has held a place in my heart for a long time.

a note for those OGs again, Brisbane has hints of the original BrisVegas & a dollop of West End. an afternoon wine shade, pairs well with a long lunch & catch up with the gals.

dunkle authentic lipstick Brisbane and Fort Collins

colour swatches of Brisbane lipstick and Fort Collins lipstick by dunkle authentic

the phrase local pairings came at the 11th hour, a tribute to how a wine maker suggests which spread best compliments her pinot noir. the thought of where & how my lipsticks will be worn brings me great delight. perhaps while someone visits their hometown again & feels the rush of happy memories, or while chatting with an old friend & feeling fortunate to have kept in touch over the years.

Old Town Fort Collins

houses in Old Town Fort Collins

street signs in Old Town Fort Collins

flowers in Old Town Fort Collins

with that, enjoy & do share where your favourite lipstick takes you.

Molly x

photographer : Andrew Stephenson
on location : Old Town, Fort Collins, Colorado

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