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Museum of Brisbane

well what an honour, dunkle authentic lipsticks are now stocked in the gorgeous Museum of Brisbane Shop!

dunkle authentic lipstick on display at the Museum of Brisbane Shop

a true gem, the Museum of Brisbane sits inside level 3 of the stunning City Hall right in the heart of the city. the winding hallways lead to the most scrumptious of exhibitions, all featuring undertones of rich Brisbane history.

Brisbane City Hall Museum of Brisbane

the conversation started back in February & what a delight to have the 1st order come through 8 months later (good things take time people) to compliment the launch of the fabulous Easton Pearson exhibition (YAY!).

Easton Pearson at the Museum of Brisbane

recently the Museum of Brisbane Shop celebrated their 1st birthday, a huge congrats to the amazing team! sparkling wine & cake was had, along with a dunkle authentic lippie pop up for the gals to try on their favourite shade.

dunkle authentic lipsticks on display at the Museum of Brisbane

dunkle authentic lipstick swatches at the Museum of Brisbane

1 month in & still feeling oh-so-chuffed! thank you to Lucy-Belle for making it all happen, I so appreciate it.

Molly Dunkle with dunkle authentic at the Museum of Brisbane

Molly x

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