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pau hana 2018

the Hawaiian phrase for "the time after work" where one consciously decides to let go of worries & enjoy time with family & friends. 

well don't mind if we do... 

the 2nd lipstick edit for 2018 pairs Oahu with San Francisco, a Pacific coast dream. plumeria pink meets Painted Lady mauve to mark the change of season & remind us to slow it down, pau hana style.  

pink roses for the pau hana 2018 collection launch

Emily Smith wearing dunkle authentic lipstick and foundation

models wearing dunkle authentic lipstick for the pau hana 2018 collection

Emily Smith holder the Oahu dunkle authentic lipstick

Tayo Priscilla wearing San Francisco lipstick by dunkle authenticEmily Smith wearing Oahu lipstick by dunkle authentic near the Brisbane river

& with that, we're off. enjoy!

Molly x

photographer : Jessica Rhian
models : Tayo Priscilla & Emily Smith
makeup : Molly Dunkle for dunkle authentic 
on location : New Farm Riverwalk, Brisbane

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