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perspective | facial oil, the modern moisturiser

shout out to those of us who grew up with the idea that putting oil on the face was the ultimate no no… times have changed my friends. modern facial oil is soothing, antioxidant rich, & the most natural of moisturisers.

simplicity at it’s finest, the dunkle authentic facial oil is handmade in Brisbane with organic jojoba oil, rose Maroc absolute, & natural vitamin e. the texture creates a lightly dewy finish on the skin.

organic jojoba oil is lightweight & closely mimics our skin’s natural sebum, making it a fabulous moisturiser for all skin types. even for those with oily skin, introducing a plant-oil triggers the body’s oil glands to slow down production. then add skin-calming rose Maroc absolute & antioxidant rich vitamin e, & well...

if you are new to the oil game, my advice is to start slow & allow your skin to adjust to it's new-found-love. begin with one pump of facial oil in the evening, massage it into the skin & let it soak in over night. within a few weeks, add a morning dose (that doubles as a lightly dewy makeup primer) if desired. our skin naturally regenerates itself in 27 to 30 day cycles, take note of how the skin feels after 30 days of use.

jojoba and rose facial oil by dunkle authentic

using jojoba and rose facial oil as a makeup primerdunkle authentic jojoba and rose facial oil 
as an oil addict myself over the past 5 years, I am incredibly excited to share the many-years-in-the-making jojoba & rose facial oil. it’s quite scrumptious if I do say so myself.

Molly x


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