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perspective | feel good moments

over a recent coffee catch up, a new friend & inspirational business owner, the lovely Nat from Soak Society, nudged me to embark on a thought-provoking task.

first, she asked for the story behind the name ‘dunkle authentic’. the answer to that was simple, I wanted a daily reminder to make decisions that resonate with my own values. second, she suggested I write a short tag that encompasses the whole message (the ‘essence’ as my dad put it) of dunkle authentic.

as always with a creative process, this was easier said than done. I pondered…

it’s been over 16 years since I started making lip balm & the all mighty “why” is hard to pinpoint. what started as a pre-teen curiosity has evolved over the years (along with my all-glitter-everything style). I have worked in the industry for a number of brands, listened to the often-subtle hints from those around me, & in turn, mulled over the values I crave from a brand.

quality. transparent manufacturing. simplicity.

here we are in 2018 & I am pleased to say I have ticked all 3 boxes. I am proud of each product & absolutely love using them personally (dunkle authentic, nailed it).

the saga continues, I decided to keep digging...

that feeling of mango butter melting onto my lips as I swipe on Oahu lipstick before a business event. that feeling of dewy, textured skin as I brush on foundation pre-dinner with friends. that feeling of silky jojoba & rose oil on my cheeks as I massage my face after a warm bath.

turns out my products have little feel good moments tucked into each tube, tub, & bottle. good on ya.

for years I struggled to connect with brands not only because of their ingredient choices, but their underlying tone of excess & need to “fix problems”. I have responded with a brand that both resonates with my values & reinforces positive, small yet powerful, messaging throughout the day. 

makeup & skincare for feel good moments.

Nat, thanks gal.
Molly x


  • thank you Kerry & Rod for your kind words, & ongoing support! I so appreciate it! x

    Molly Dunkle
  • thank you for your kind words Stephanie! so lovely to hear, I really appreciate that! x

    Molly Dunkle
  • Empowerment. That’s the word that I would describe you, Molly, as a business woman and a creator.

    Stephanie Chu
  • Molly, yes – you have ‘nailed it’ !!! goodonyou, Rod S

    Kerry Stephenson

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