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perspective | the liberty of going bare faced

counterintuitive coming from a gal who creates & sells makeup… I know, I shocked myself.

recently, I had an elective eye surgery (bye glasses!). due to risk of infection, I was instructed to stop wearing eye makeup before the surgery & for the first week following the procedure.

sure, there are PLENTY of days where I have been fresh faced, sans makeup. shopping, beach trips, working from home, weekends… in fact, when I worked for a different makeup brand years ago, I was dubbed “the natural girl” even with what I called “my full face of makeup.”


that first week was nerve-wracking. a tiny insecurity surfaced when I had to continue on as normal without the option to pop on a little makeup. walking into an office or restaurant felt like I was having a dream & accidentally forgot to put clothes on that day. whoops, no pants, better go home.

upon reflection, I couldn’t remember the last time I went a whole week without wearing mascara. foundation & lipstick sure, but mascara? always.

surprisingly I REALLY enjoyed it. I found it curiously liberating. no one cared, I had a couple comments asking about the eye surgery, but after 2 minutes it was business as usual (as it should be). meeting people & introducing my makeup brand, wearing no makeup to speak of, felt empowering. I consciously decided to go another week without makeup, & to challenge myself to go totally bare more often.

quality is a driving factor behind dunkle authentic. when it came time to put makeup on again (hello GRAMMYS!), my desire to create quality products for the skin had simply been strengthened. whether it's candelilla wax from Mexico, or olive oil from Australia, I am proud of each raw material I source & strongly value transparent manufacturing. 

this experience was challenging, eye opening (literally), & quite liberating. try it.

Molly x

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