a moment to pause, to connect, to plan

pink rose in New Farm Park

wow what a time we are in, a new reality. I write this from under a rose canopy in New Farm Park, watching as a gardener delicately prunes the rose bushes nearby. a few people stroll past in the distance, the birds are chirping, & the weather is warm yet breezy.

after recently opening the new studio in California Lane, I am surprised to find myself here, yet hey, it’s abundantly beautiful.

dunkle authentic studio in California Lane

Molly Dunkle in dunkle authentic studio
well it is official folks, dunkle authentic has a happy new studio home in California Lane, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.

Museum of Brisbane

Molly Dunkle with dunkle authentic at the Museum of Brisbane
well what an honour, dunkle authentic lipsticks are now stocked in the gorgeous Museum of Brisbane Shop!

dunkle authentic turns 4

Molly Dunkle the founder of dunkle authentic
today marks 4 years since dunkle authentic was officially launched. if there was ever a time to share a cliché humble beginnings story... this tale...