the 60th annual Grammy awards

the 60th annual Grammy awards

when the opportunity came up (THANK YOU NICOLE) to attend the 60th annual Grammy awards in New York City, it sounded too good to be true. I told myself, just go, they will probably turn you away at the door but you & Em can find a nearby cocktail bar & watch it on television, dressed all fancy.

fast forward 3 months & there I am, waiting for seats inside Madison Square Gardens with my dearest gal pal Emily, when Lorde herself calmly brushes past us in her gorgeous red tulle dress. wait what?

Kendrick Lamar, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Sir Elton John, Pink, Kesha, Rihanna, Bruno Mars, U2, Chris Stapleton, the list keeps going. at one point I was sitting right in front of DJ Khaled (DDDJJJJJ KHHHALLLED) & 1 seat away from Sarah Silverman. Beyonce & Jay Z were 10 seats & 2 rows up to my right with their daughter Blue Ivy… yes, Queen Bey (play it cool Molly, PLAY IT cool). 

needless to say, getting ready for such an occasion (still telling myself that Em & I were just off for fancy NYC cocktails) was exciting. as we were on the production list to fill in empty seats, we were kindly asked to follow a dress code; dark, subtle, no coats.

Em picked a gorgeous navy dress with a plunging neckline & added a vintage broach & navy sparkly earrings. doing her makeup, I opted for lightly dewy skin by priming with simply facial oil, followed by foundation no. 3. smoky eyes were added along with Aspen lipstick (currently SOLD OUT) & newly launched Tribeca lipstick on the cheeks.

after some hunting around NYC, I found a vintage Milly black jumpsuit, vintage Manolo Blahnik kitten heels, & added Brisbane-brand Molten Store Atlantis earrings. I primed my skin with simply facial oil  to keep it dewy, buffed in no. 4 foundation, added lightly smoky brown eyes, & featured Tribeca lipstick on both my lips & cheeks.

SPOTTED : third row up, third in from the left. in front of DJ Khalid in red, Sarah Silverman to the right on Channel 7. 

SPOTTED : middle of crowd, blonde hair. third row up, 7th row from the left. Queen Bey front left in black hat on Channel 7. 

we danced our way through each performance & into the night at the after party.

what an incredible experience, we can’t thank you enough Nicole.

wait, Shaggy was there?!

Molly x


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