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explore | New York City

where to begin really.

in 2012 I almost moved to New York City. although I had only briefly visited as a kid, I felt drawn to the city of cities. a fateful Skype call however (oh hi Claire!) led me to Brisbane, Australia. the other side of the world, but alas a grand decision. 

6 years later, it was quite the moment then as the plane angled & I could see THE city literally sparkling against the pink sunset. the fuss is real. 

there are 101 recommendations of where to go, what to do. here are my top 4 :

  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art (aka The Met). my favourite area houses the French Impressionists; Vincent van Gogh, Auguste Renoir, Claude Monet, Henri Matisse.
  • Chelsea Markets. get the lobster, hot tip from Ms. Emily.
  • Tiny's & the Bar Upstairs in Tribeca. nothing beats catching up with cousins over scrumptious mimosas. 
  • vintage. shopping. my jumpsuit & heels for the Grammys were little vintage numbers (more about that here, oh yes).  

the streets of NYC with YSL

Molly Dunkle from dunkle authentic on the streets of NYC

fresh apples from the markets in NYC

a long view of the streets in NYC

Molly Dunkle of dunkle authentic with Emily Smith in Central Park in NYC

Henri Matisse's The Red Studio painting in NYC
The Red Studio, oil on canvas, 1911 by Henri Matisse at The Met

the shops along Maddison Avenue in NYC

Molly Dunkle with her cousins in NYC
needless to say, what a treat. 

Molly x


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