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quality assurance with environmental chemist John Dunkle

for a little change of pace, enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at quality control for dunkle authentic.

dunkle authentic manufacturing batch notes

developed with the support of my environmental chemist father, John Dunkle, we practice strict measures for hygiene & sustainable manufacturing. it is our policy to provide makeup & skincare that is safe for you & our planet.

every production run in the studio follows the same routine. the floors are cleaned & the doors are closed to ensure the products & equipment are free from contaminants. the manufacturing uniform consists of white closed toe shoes, breathable cotton leggings & tee, a wide hairband, gloves, face mask, & the signature white lab coat.

dunkle authentic manufacturing uniform

the stainless steel workbench is wiped down with isopropyl alcohol, an effective disinfectant. batch notes & standard operating procedures (SOPs as they say) are prepared, & all of the equipment is cleaned & set out. each raw material, chosen for it's quality from trusted suppliers, is inspected & also set out for the run. 

dunkle authentic manufacturing set up

dunkle authentic raw materials

dunkle authentic manufacturing with botanical raw materials

during the run, isopropyl alcohol & lint-free towels are handy to make sure everything stays sanitised. a typical run can last 4 to 6 hours, so regular breaks are necessary to stay mentally fresh. new gloves are adorned after each break (stored to be later recycled with soft plastics).

all packaging containers are inspected & cleaned with isopropyl alcohol just before filling. products are then filled, given a final cleaning, & placed to the side ready for labeling. all batch notes are recorded including batch numbers for each raw material used, dates, quality, & final finished numbers.

dunkle authentic manufacturing lipstick tubes

dunkle authentic manufacturing lipstick

with most raw materials being oil & wax based, it is important to ensure proper cleaning procedures are used to sustain our utilities. all equipment is wiped down with lint-free towels to be disposed of as biodegradable solid waste. any residue is washed with lots of soap & hot water to keep the oils in suspensions that can pass through the sink systems. 

each product is individually batch numbered, signed, & labeled. randomised products are then sent off for third party testing by ALS Global to ensure quality control is maintained. another set of samples are held & regularly measured in-house for ongoing observation. being plant & mineral based products, the recommended use by date is one year from opening.

dunkle authentic face oil packaging

dunkle authentic manufacturing face oil

each year dad & I review these policies to ensure ongoing quality control is guaranteed. by taking these measures seriously, we can continue to enjoy & share our products with peace of mind. 

with love,


  • Amazing work! What a wonderful team you guys make ❤️

  • Great story Molly – always learn something new when I read your journal xxx

    Kerry Stephenson

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