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Face Balm

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Our Face Balm features nourishing Queensland olive oil paired with rich organic mango seed butter to create balmy lips, glowing cheeks, and groomed brows

Glossy, multi-purpose formula creates natural highlights while moisturising the skin

Earthy, floral aroma takes you to the Bulgarian Rose Valley for a calming sensory experience

Vegan, only tested on humans

Simple, clean formula soothes sensitive skin

Designed and sustainably made in our Meanjin/Brisbane studio

Travel-friendly, inspired by our love for balmy skin on warm holidays

Glossy, rich

How to use
Apply to lips for a soothing lip balm, pat onto cheekbones for glowing cheeks, and comb up into brows with a spoolie brush (or a clean repurposed mascara wand) for a groomed finish with ease

For extra nourishment, apply generously in the evening and allow face balm to soak in overnight

Minimalist, multi-purpose formula lets you forgo separate lip balms, highlighters, and brow gels

25gm | Enough to use daily for 12 months

Queensland olive oil
 | Cold-pressed, Inglewood, Queensland, Australia
Castor oil | Organic, cold-pressed, India
Mango seed butter | Organic, cold-pressed, India
Candelilla wax | Refined, Mexico
Bulgarian rose otto | Organic, roses hand-picked at dawn, steam-distilled, Bulgaria
Learn more about our Raw Materials

Product care
Store in a cool, dry environment away from direct sunlight

Apply product with clean hands and brushes to keep your face balm clean

We recommend using within one year of opening to ensure freshness

Manufactured using natural, vegan raw materials sourced from trusted suppliers and only tested on humans

Small batches ensure quality control and stock management, any surplus stock is donated to local charities

Features Queensland olive oil sourced directly from the farmers, reducing our carbon footprint and supporting local agriculture

Housed in recyclable aluminium, cardboard, and paper packaging, closing the loop on the product life cycle

Minimalist formula inherently reduces need for additional products and packaging
Learn more about our commitment to Sustainability


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