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Face Cloth

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Our Face Cloth features Queensland grown cotton, pre-shrunk in rainwater then hand-crocheted on the Sunshine Coast, to deeply cleanse in harmony with our Cleansing Oil for refreshed skin with even texture

Soft, waffle weave texture gently smooths off and exfoliates the skin while the Cleansing Oil binds to makeup, spf, and impurities

Vegan, only tested on humans

Simple, clean cotton face cloth soothes and cleanses sensitive skin

Exclusively and sustainably made for Dunkle on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Travel-friendly, tuck into your holiday carry on with your Cleansing Oil for a mid-flight refresh

Soft, waffle weave

How to use
Massage a few drops of our Cleansing Oil into your skin, then gently smooth off with the Face Cloth soaked in warm water to cleanse and refresh the skin with ease

Add a nice massage of Face Oil for moisturised skin with a glowing finish

Minimalist formula lets you forgo soap, toner, and scrub

17cm x 17cm

100% Australian cotton
 | Grown in St George, pre-shrunk in rainwater, crocheted on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
Learn more about our Raw Materials

Product care
Wash regularly in a delicates bag and line dry to keep your Face Cloth clean

We recommend replacing every two years to ensure freshness

Manufactured using natural, renewable cotton sourced from our trusted supplier and only tested on humans

Ordered in small batches to ensure quality control and stock management, any surplus stock is donated to local charities

Features Queensland grown cotton sourced from the farmers and crocheted on the Sunshine Coast, reducing our carbon footprint and supporting local agriculture

Biodegradable fibre housed in recyclable paper, closing the loop on the product life cycle

Minimalist design inherently reduces need for additional products and packaging
Learn more about our commitment to Sustainability


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