Molly Dunkle founder of dunkle authentic in front of studio in California Lane

dunkle authentic is a simple makeup & skincare label founded by Molly Dunkle in 2013. each product is handmade in Brisbane, Australia by Molly in her California Lane studio with values of simplicity, ethical manufacturing, & curiosity. 

at 12 years old, Molly curiously started making lip balm & continued to explore cosmetic design & artistry for the next decade with the help of her environmental chemist father. a natural beauty advocate from the start, Molly developed her signature natural makeup look while working as a makeup artist between Australia & the United States before deciding to focus on building the product line full time in 2018.  

raw materials are carefully sourced for their quality & connection; candelilla wax is wild harvested from the native candelilla plant of Texas where Molly's mother was born, & rose Maroc absolute is a nod to Molly's birth month flower, the rose. each dunkle authentic product is an ode to that curious 12 year old & a nod to Molly’s love for travel.

whether it's feeling the mango butter in the lipstick melt onto the lips before giving a toast or massaging in the face oil to unwind from the day, Molly believes in natural beauty inspire feel-good moments every day. 

the dunkle authentic gal is strong & curious. she is grounded amongst her family & friends. she knows quality, prioritises self care, & appreciates the details. gallery strolls relax her, deep conversations recharge her, & new places inspire her.