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foundation shade guide

dunkle foundation collection

how to match your foundation shade

dunkle foundations are designed to create balmy skin with balanced tones. the sheer coverage will self-adjust to your skin tones by letting your natural colours come through.

to find your shade, assess the colours on your jawline, then look to your neck & arms for cohesive colours. choose a shade that best picks up on these tones.

we recommend applying with the dunkle foundation brush to seamlessly blend into your skin tone. shades may appear lighter or darker at first, however continue blending in circles & watch any colour lines buff away.

minimalist beauty at it's finest, our all-inclusive formula means your can forgo concealer, setting powder, & primer (although we do love soothing skin with our face oil first).

no. 1 foundation
for light pink, peach, rose, cream skin tones

no. 2 foundation
for light medium beige, yellow, golden, sand skin tones

no. 3 foundation
for medium deep brown, Black, tan, caramel skin tones

no. 4 foundation
for deep brown, Black, espresso, chestnut skin tones

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