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product care guide

dunkle products are made with a quality range of plant & mineral raw materials. here are some tips for ensuring your products are well looked after & provide you with maximum enjoyment

we recommend 

store your dunkle products in a cool environment away from direct sunlight
keep your products dry, free from water or high humidity exposure
use your products within 1 year of opening to ensure they are fresh

changes with natural products

texture differences between colours - you may notice some lipstick shades are slightly glossier than others, this is due to varying pigment colours that absorb plant oils at different rates. the product is still safe to use, some shades will simply be slightly more glossy or matte.

bloom - you may notice your lipstick or foundation develops a dusty or dry 'bloom' look, this is from the natural mango butter that is sensitive from changes in temperature, just like chocolate. the product is still safe to use, simply wipe the top layer off with a tissue.

air pockets - from time to time, there may be small air pockets in a lipstick or foundation. this is from the small-batch manufacturing equipment, the product is still safe to use.

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